Are you in need of great returns on your investments? Costa Rica Equity Loan sector (secured mortgage loans) may be for you!

Gap Investments, a well-known and trusted advisory company that specializes in secured equity loans, shared information about a successful equity loan they helped with for one of their private investors:

One of our mortgages paid out in under a month, with a 6-month minimum interest clause (prepayment penalty). The lender’s $80,000 USD investment made for $4,000 USD of profit in less than 30 days! The idea is to place it immediately with the same developer at 12% per year for two years. That equates to 18% for this year and 12% for next year. If another early payout happens, the great returns will be even more impressive.

Some lenders tell us they are not interested in short-term or bridge loans. This is not all that we offer when we work with established developers. Think of it as a series of bridge loans, back-to-back, to generate these great returns. We want your money working for you consistently, not sitting idle waiting for that perfect 15%, 3-year term with 10% LTV (Loan-to-Value).

This was one of the developer loans we have promoted over the last year. Many of these loans will not pay out early, but some do. This is the second time this has happened this year. It is a bit of the luck of the draw.

Regardless of the payout timing, all the developers we work with have an excellent track record with their monthly payments to our lenders. This speaks volumes. Remember that we do many other types of mortgages, as you can see in our investor alerts.”

The Costa Rica Mortgage Market

Many people are looking for loans, and they are processed daily.

A growing economy presents many lucrative opportunities for local and foreign investors. Due to the lack of flexibility in the national bank system, there is still an important market for secure loans in Costa Rica. Many borrowers look for “bridge capital” to start lucrative residential or other construction projects or to get some cash from their homes (equity release).

Either through a mortgage or a guaranty trust, Gap Investments advises private investors who seek to increase their assets and, at the same time, to lend to borrowers who can be verified. Gap Investments has consolidated this practice to bring quality, secure loans to their investors.

Are you looking to Invest quickly?

Join the Gap Investments Inner Circle! The Inner Circle is a group of preferred lenders willing to act quickly on the opportunities presented by Gap Investments.
“We must act quickly to secure the best loans. We need to expedite the loan process because these loans are being shopped around, and opportunities will be missed!
The money must be in the country for ease of accessibility. Gap Investment will perform all the due diligence needed to secure the deal. This includes registry checks and site inspections. With many years of experience working in Real Estate in Costa Rica, they can give an accurate valuation. They strongly recommend using their preferred list of independent lawyers who approve borrowers and their collateral.
Gap Investments has a proven track record of closing quickly and efficiently.  The Inner Circle will be given priority consideration.

-Written by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIE and Grupo Gap).

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