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Best Places to Live In Costa Rica for Retirees

Costa Rica is a wonderful country to visit and it is also a great country for retirees to live. Where are the best places to live in Costa Rica for retirees?

Your preferences will be a big factor in where you choose to live in Costa Rica.  In this post, we are going to focus on areas of the country that are accommodating to people who like the stimulation of urban living and spring-like weather all year-round.

If that is you, you will probably be happiest living in San José, Heredia or one of the adjacent smaller towns and cities in the Central Valley, such as Alajuela, Escazú or Santa Ana.

There are hundreds of activities for everyone in, around and near San José. The infrastructure is excellent, and the area offers almost all of the amenities of living in the United States and Canada.

As a retiree, you probably are interested in keeping active and not getting bored. This should not be a problem if you reside in San José or the nearby suburbs since there is a large expat community and it is always easy to find something to do.

The Central Valley also offers the best access to services and infrastructure in the country by far, including top-notch hospitals, an international airport, plenty of shopping and restaurants, Internet and cable connections, and public transportation.

Housing Costs

As for housing, there is a wide range of affordable housing. The price range can be between $50,000 to $100,000 in “Tico” neighborhoods, while mid-range prices are $100,000 to $250,000. Low-end condos in the Escazú/Santa Ana area start at $150,000. Luxury apartments in Escazú can cost between $250,000 and $750,000.

If you were to compare the pricing between Costa Rica and The United States, you most likely would see that the cost of housing is several times more expensive in the United States.

In the last few years,  the construction industry has created a wide variety of affordable new homes from which to choose. Many gated communities have been built in Santa Ana and in the Heredia and Grecia areas.  If you are OK with older homes, you can find good deals on homes with parcels of land.

Jumping back into the core topic of this post, “The Best Places to Live in Costa Rica for Retirees”, here is our list of places that you can Google for (pictures and geographic info):

  • Escazú
  • Santa Ana
  • Heredia
  • Ciudad Colón
  • Puriscal
  • Orotina
  • Atenas
  • Grecia
  • La Garita
  • Belén
  • Cariari
  • La Sabana
  • Rohrmoser

In closing, there are many wonderful areas to choose from for living as a retiree. On your next trip, take a tour of some of the cities listed above, to see the best places to live in Costa Rica, and see which one could be a good fit for you.



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