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Caja Fees Increase

What is Caja? One of the requirements for getting your residency status and having your DIMEX card (ID card) in Costa Rica is to enroll in the national healthcare system (Caja) upon approval of your residency application. Caja (CCSS) -…

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Relocate to Costa Rica

CRIE has teamed up with Relocate CR to bring the best Taste of Costa Rica to you. You can now make a better decision about where you want to live. You'll have a better understanding of not just Costa Rica's…

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How to bring your pets to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as a pet-friendly country. Your pets are welcomed in many places depending on the size and breed. There are dog parks everywhere, many groups dedicated to animals that you can join on Facebook and other social…

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Digital Nomads In Costa Rica

Digital Nomads in Costa Rica

Digital Nomads in Costa Rica   If you like tropical weather, there's no reason why you wouldn't adore this beautiful Central American country. Anyone may work in Costa Rica with a calm mind thanks to the year-round nice climate, delicious…

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Costa Rica Hospitals

What are Costa Rica Hospitals Like?

Costa Rica Hospitals Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country, that offers many advantages to visitors and those considering relocating there. Beautiful beaches, mountains, year-round pleasant weather and excellent hospitals bring thousands of people to this country. However, one…

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