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Buy Property in Costa Rica – Obtain Residency

There are various ways to obtain your residency in Costa Rica. One of the easiest and sometimes overlooked ways is to simply buy Costa Rica property.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country to live in.

There are various ways to obtain your residency in Costa Rica, such as qualifying under the categories of (Renter, Pensioner, and Investor).

There is one category that many foreigners in Costa Rica qualify for without knowing it, and that’s the residency category of Investor.

How is that possible? It is possible due to a lack of knowledge (the reason why we are sharing this post).

The main requirement for the Investor category of residency is making an investment in a Costa Rican property or business having a minimum value of $150,000 USD. Here is the full list of requirements for applying for Residency as an Investor.

As stated before, there are many foreigners in Costa Rica that have already met this requirement. They are either currently living in the country, making frequent visa runs, or they are visiting the country once or twice a year as a form of retirement.

It is our desire to reach and help many people (possibly yourself) that qualify under this category, and it is an opportunity that is worth taking advantage of.

If you qualify for residency under this category or know someone that does, we are here to help. If you need financing, do not hesitate to contact us HERE.


Fill out the form below to determine your residency category. Or click here!

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