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Buying/Selling Vehicle in Costa Rica

If you are buying/selling a vehicle in CR, we can help with your Vehicle Registration – Transfer Process.

Vehicle ownership must be transferred with the help of a lawyer/notary by law, so If you’re buying or selling a vehicle in Costa Rica, you’ll want our service to complete the paperwork process involved in transferring a car’s title.

We check the car’s title on the Public Registry (Registro Nacional) to ensure that the vehicle does not have another owner and that there are no outstanding fees due.

The following documents are needed for buying/selling a used vehicle in CR:

  • The seller must provide the original car title (Certificado de Propiedad);
  • Both the buyer and seller must have an official ID (passport or cédula);
  • The Notary Public creates a bill of sale (Escritura de Traspaso) which both the buyer and the seller sign. This document is submitted to and recorded in the National Registry (Registro Nacional), which takes about a month;
  • The Notary Public returns the new title to the new owner.

How about my Driving License?

Since you can only legally stay in Costa Rica for 3 months as a tourist, the validity of your foreign driver’s license is the same 3-month limitation.
You will need to leave Costa Rica and re-enter to renew your tourist visa and re-validate your driver’s license.
If you already have a residency application in process, unfortunately, you still need to renew your driver’s license validity in the same manner as previously mentioned.

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  1. Can I get more information on transferring a vehicle from the US? I’m wanting to sell a motorcycle in CR.

    Pura Vida

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