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Once your Costa Rican residency is approved, you must register with Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS), the country’s social security and public health care system. It’s commonly known as Caja. This registration is a requirement to receive your residency card (DIMEX).

The benefits include:

  • Pension and disability program with death benefit (IVM)
  • Free health care services, including emergencies, regular check-ups, referrals to specialists, urgent care, elective surgeries, medications, vaccinations, mental health services, nutrition, basic dental (SEM)

At CRIE we are well-versed in the process and can help you get registered with the Caja without delay. Our Monthly Plans cover this service for your convenience. Contact us now!

Pricing does NOT include:

  • Multiple visits to CCSS offices, or trips outside of San José metro area (GAM)
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