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Retire In Costa Rica On $30,000 A Year

The Central Valley of Costa Rica

The Central Valley is one of the best locations to retire in Costa Rica, according to the online magazine International Living, in 2018.

International Living is an authority source of living abroad for expats. They believe that a person with a budget of $30,000 a year can live well and retire in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a country of beautiful beaches, lush green rainforests and a charming culture. It’s not surprising that many people consider it a great country for retirement.

The Central Valley of Costa Rica is known for its year-round sunny weather. It is sometimes hailed as having “the best climate in the world.”

There are many residential communities in the Central Valley. There are excellent medical facilities, shopping centers and restaurants. Let’s not forget the beautiful surroundings of nature (waterfalls, rivers, wildlife and even volcanoes).

How is it possible for someone to retire on $30,000 a year? It is possible because the overall cost of living in Costa Rica is lower than countries such as the United States, Canada, etc.. You can live on $1,500-$1,800 a month.

On average, anyone that has a monthly budget of $2,000 – $2,500 (USD) can live well in Costa Rica.

The Central Valley Costa Rica is not the only location that is ideal for retirement. Here is a short list of locations that are known to be a haven for expats:

  • The South Pacific Coast (“The Southern Zone”) – Uvita, Dominical and more..
  • The Caribbean Coast – Puerto Viejo, Manzanillo and more…
  • Arenal
  • Nicoya Peninsula and the Northern Pacific Coast

Source: 5 Best Places to Retire on $30,000 a Year

Now that you know a little more about Costa Rica, we have a question for you to answer.

Are You Ready To Retire In Costa Rica?



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