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Costa Rica Encourages Telecommuting

President Carlos Alvarado has formally signed a work-from-home bill into law, which helps to standardize working from home as an choice. The new law sets the guidelines for the work from home approach, reinforcing Costa Rica’s aggressiveness to grow the economy and attract foreign direct investment.

The Congress passed Bill No. 21.141 on August 27, to formalize the work-from-home arrangement in all Costa Rica’s organizations, including the public and private sector.

Many employees can remotely carry out every one of the assignments required by their boss, without the inefficiency of a long commute, which can improve productivity.

Working remotely is an attractive option for organizations for many reasons. Moreover, the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency, CINDE, has confirmed that telecommuting is a great method to pull in work from outside the San José metro area (GAM).

Without a doubt, this law will strengthen Costa Rica’s investment climate under the modern work schemes that the fourth industrial revolution demands. Working from home supports the sustainable development of Costa Rica, impacting positively the environment and people’s quality of life, which also boost the country’s productivity.
Jorge Sequeira, Managing Director at CINDE

This new law was pushed by multinationals set up in Costa Rica, to have a lawful system that gives assurance, adaptability and arrangement with new work arrangements, all of which should improve Costa Rica’s competitiveness.

If this methodology is applied to half of the employees where this is possible, the San José metro area would see 24,000 fewer vehicles daily. This would not just alleviate traffic, but would also reduce demand for fuel by 48 million liters daily, preventing 28,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

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