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What are Costa Rica Hospitals Like?

Costa Rica is a beautiful country located in Central America that offers many benefits to tourists and those who are considering establishing residence in the country. With stunning beaches, mountains, year-round comfortable temperatures and great Costa Rica hospitals, this country offers many natural advantages that have lured thousands to the comforts that it offers.

However, one concern that many people may have about Costa Rica is the state of the medical facilities. This is especially understandable for seniors who may be thinking of retiring in Costa Rica thanks to the lower cost of living. The image of most medical facilities outside North America and Europe is that of being in a debilitated state. While that may be true for some countries, Costa Rica actually enjoys a high standard of medical treatment that is comparable to most Western countries.

The State of Medical Care in Costa Rica

Costa Rica does have a socialized health care system which means that their citizens can be covered for a small fee. This has allowed the country to raise their health standards to that comparable to those in many European countries that follow the same path. The citizens of Costa Rica can seek medical treatment in any of the state run hospitals that offer fine services to everyone. Although most of the buildings that are used are generally older in nature, they do offer some of the best equipment that can be found in the region.

However, in addition to the state-run hospitals are privately run hospitals and clinics which offer a multitude of services that are quite similar to what is found in North America. In fact, all the privately run clinics have a doctor on-site so that he or she can schedule an appointment for checkups to different types of treatment.

The private hospitals, clinics and pharmacies offer excellent services that can be considered comparable to those that you would find in the US. In fact, Costa Rica is actually becoming more in tune to the needs of seniors others in need of more care by becoming a popular place for what is known as medical tourism. This is especially true for pharmacies that will fulfill prescriptions from the US which allow many seniors to stay in Costa Rica and enjoy the high quality of medical care while only paying a fraction of the cost.

Costa Rica is quickly becoming one of the most attractive places to live for many people who are seeking a nearby place with a stable government and offers all the amenities of home. The current state of medical care in the country is considerable and even the public hospitals offer excellent care.

For those who are thinking about moving to Costa Rica, the US Embassy has a website that provides a full list of both public and private hospitals along with physicians in the country who can take care of your medical needs. You will find that many of the modern facilities are located in some of the most prized areas of tourism. Plus, the overall cost of the medical services is considerably less than you find in the US as well.

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