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What are Costa Rica Hospitals Like?

Costa Rica Hospitals

Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country, that offers many advantages to visitors and those considering relocating there. Beautiful beaches, mountains, year-round pleasant weather and excellent hospitals bring thousands of people to this country.

However, one concern that many people may have about Costa Rica, is the state of the medical facilities. This is especially understandable for seniors who may be thinking of retiring in Costa Rica, thanks to the lower cost of living. Outside of North America and Europe, most medical facilities have a reputation for being in a state of decline. While this may be true in certain nations, Costa Rica hospitals have a high standard of medical care that is equivalent to that of the majority of Western countries.

The State of Medical Care in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a socialized health-care system, meaning citizens can be covered for a small fee. As a result, the country’s health standards have improved to the point where they are equivalent to several European countries. Costa Ricans can seek medical treatment at any of the state-run hospitals, which provide excellent services to all. Despite the fact that the majority of the structures used are older, they do feature some of the greatest equipment in the region.

Private hospitals and clinics, in addition to state-run hospitals, provide a comprehensive range of services similar to the USA. In fact, every privately managed clinic has a doctor on staff who can make appointments for everything from checkups to therapy.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is growing in its popularity. As a result Costa Rica is becoming increasingly sensitive to the requirements of elderly and those who require extra care. This is especially true for pharmacies that will fill prescriptions from the USA. Therefore it allows many senior citizens to stay in Costa Rica and receive high-quality medical care for a fraction of the expense.

Costa Rica is gradually becoming one of the most enticing destinations to live for many people seeking a nearby location with a stable government and all of the conveniences of home. The current state of medical care in the country is good, with even public institutions providing excellent service.

The US Embassy maintains a website for persons considering relocating to Costa Rica. It includes a comprehensive list of public and private hospitals, as well as physicians across the country who can meet your medical needs. Many of the latest facilities are found in some of the most sought-after tourist destinations. Furthermore, the overall cost of medical services is far lower than in the United States.

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