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Costa Rica Residency Summer Special Offer

Save $500.00 on Your Costa Rica Residency!

Costa Rica Immigration Experts is “kicking-off” Summer with an awesome limited-time offer.

Getting your Costa Rica residency just got easier!

We are offering a huge discount of $500.00 off the cost of processing your Costa Rica residency.

That is a minimum savings of 30% on the regular cost.


If cost was an issue before, there should be no excuse now, get started with your Costa Rica residency process today!

There are several Costa Rica Residency Categories that may be applicable to you:

  • Pensionado (service cost: $1,250.00)*
  • Rentista (service cost: $1,500.00)*
  • Spouse of Citizen (service cost: $1,000.00)*
  • Company Representative (service cost: $1,500.00)*
  • Investor (service cost: $1,500.00)*

* cost of our services without the $500.00 Special Offer Discount

A good number of our clients have qualified for residency under the categories of (Pensionado, Rentista and Spouse of Citizen).

But, many Expats living in Costa Rica (performing frequent Visa-Runs) and frequent visitors (i.e. vacationers, potential retirees) can qualify/obtain Costa Rica residency under the Investor category.

This Can Be Your Golden Ticket!

The Investor category is for people that  have $200,000.00 invested into a Costa Rican business or property.

That $200,000.000 can be the sum value of properties (i.e. a business, a house/condo or a vehicle).

For example:

If you own a house/condo that is valued at $175,000.00 and own a vehicle valued at $25,000.00, you qualify as an Investor.

Important note:

The house/condo and vehicle must be registered (in the Registro) valued at those monetary amounts.

Are You Ready For Residency?

Now that you know about our awesome Summer special offer and have some knowledge about the various residency categories that you may qualify for, what are you waiting for?

You can be living in Costa Rica as a resident. Don’t let another year pass…. Start your residency process with us today and save $500.00!


Enjoy the benefits of Costa Rica Residency.

Costa Rica: +506 8373-2085
United States: +1 305-906-6784


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