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Digital Nomads In Costa Rica

Digital Nomads in Costa Rica

Digital Nomads in Costa Rica


If you like tropical weather, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t adore this beautiful Central American country. Anyone may work in Costa Rica with a calm mind thanks to the year-round nice climate, delicious cuisine, and beautiful scenery. It won’t let you down when it comes to taking a vacation from work! Costa Rica is a perfect location for digital nomads thanks to its excellent internet connectivity and outdoor activities like surfing and hiking.


Who is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a person who lives a nomadic lifestyle and is location-independent. In our modern world of high technology, complicated with the pandemic situation, this way of living is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Digital nomads utilize technology to conduct their jobs. Telecommuting here is the priority rather than being physically present at the office. In other words, they work remotely and they can work in any country in the world, where Immigration offers a digital nomad permit program. Soon Costa Rica is going to be one of them.


What exactly do digital nomads do?

Digital nomads are freelancers who travel to different areas regularly. They work relying on wireless internet-enabled gadgets such as smartphones, computers using mobile hotspots at coffee shops or any places with high-speed internet access.


What qualifications do I require to be a digital nomad?

If you’re interested in being a digital nomad in Costa Rica, here are some skills you can master right now to get started:

  • Programming
  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Writing
  • Editing skills
  • Creative skills
  • Organization and planning
  • Architecture-related skills, etc.


What are the advantages of working as a digital nomad in Costa Rica?

There are certain benefits of becoming a digital nomad. For example, flexible office space, you can work from any place where there is internet. You do not need to follow the company’s dress code anymore. Work wearing clothes that are comfortable for you! Moreover, you are the boss of your own time and schedule and you do not waste your valuable time on traffic jams on the way to work and back home. Therefore, it leads to less stressful working conditions. Everything is becoming more flexible in many ways, so you have the opportunity to enjoy your free time and explore Costa Rica. On social media, digital nomads are portrayed as perpetual travelers working in exotic locations and living a lifestyle that most people can only dream of. Moving around a lot, meeting new people, establishing new connections, discovering the beauty of Costa Rica, getting away from the same place routine, and working at the same time – doesn’t it sound exciting?


How can you become a digital nomad in Costa Rica if you have no experience?

You are thinking to change your life drastically and want to become a digital nomad in Costa Rica, but you have little experience? Don’t know what to start with? Here are some great ideas for you:

  1. Teach English Online. If you are a native English speaker with a bachelor’s degree, this is a great opportunity for you to earn money online.
  2. Translation & Interpretation. Do you speak several languages? This is a perfect chance to use your knowledge in this sphere.
  3. Online Tutoring. Are you a good specialist and ready to share your experience with others? Go for it if you have a passion for both teaching and traveling!
  4. Content Writing. A lot of companies are looking for people with good writing skills. If you qualify their needs, your dream of lying on the beautiful beach writing inspirational content may come true!
  5. Customer Service or Social Media Manager are getting more and more required today. If you are a frequent social media user, do not miss your chance to make money out of your hobby.
  6. Start a blog or do freelance work. There are so many different types of freelance jobs you can find online.


Digital nomad visa

So, are you ready to make Costa Rica your home? You can combine vacation mode and work remotely at the same time. In addition, stay legal in Costa Rica using the type of visa Costa Rica offers to its visitors to stay, live, and work here. This is a non-resident “Digital Nomad Visa”, that includes a partner and children under the age of 25. This program is coming to Costa Rica soon.

In August 2021 president of Costa Rica Carlos Alvarado signed a project of this new law, which is believed to be a key to the tourism recovery from the pandemic.


Digital Nomad Visa Specifications

Remote workers will be able to get a one-year visa that can be extended for another year in Costa Rica if the applicant spends at least 180 days in the country during the first year. The good news is that they will also be free from local income taxes and will be allowed to open local bank accounts. Moreover, they will be able to drive in Costa Rica using their home country’s driver’s license, among other advantages.

The visa also includes exemption of import taxes for the importation of computers and other technical equipment needed to perform the digital nomad visa holder’s job, as well as on up to two land, sea, or air vehicles. Those vehicles can be for the use of the visa holder, their partner, or dependents. 

*The law is still in the construction stage and not in power yet. There may be any changes made to this new type of visa in Costa Rica.


What are the requirements to become a digital nomad in Costa Rica?

To qualify for Costa Rica’s digital nomad visa you will need the following:

  • Proof of a consistent monthly salary, fixed income, or average monthly income of $3,000 USD or more in the previous year. If the applicant wants to apply for benefits for their entire family, their income can be pooled with that of a spouse or other family member and must total at least $4,000 USD.
  • Get medical insurance that covers the applicant for the duration of their stay in Costa Rica.
  • Pay a one-time fee to apply for a non-resident visa as a Worker or Remote Service Provider. The exact quantity is yet unknown.
  • Any other condition imposed by the General Migration Law and Immigration Law No. 8764.


*The law is still in the construction stage and not in power yet. There may be any changes made to this new type of visa in Costa Rica.

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