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Exploring Caves in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an amazingly beautiful country to explore. Maybe you’d like to explore the caves in Costa Rica.

Did you know that there is a 2,700-meter cave system in the country that you can explore? It is called Cavernas de Venado (Deer Caves).

Located in La Fortuna, near the spectacular Arenal Volcano, this massive cave system was formed millions of years ago by tectonic plate shifting and strong underground river currents.  These caves are located on private property. According to history, in the 1940s, the owner discovered them by accident when he fell into a cave opening.

A long grassy slope leads into the entrance of Cavernas de Venado. You have to walk in a river which runs the length of the cave system. There is no artificial lighting system in the caves, so that you will be enveloped in darkness (minus the light on your helmet) during your entire time inside.

You will see massive Stalactite and Stalagmite structures. There are various subterranean creatures and plenty of bats too. The bats frequently will dart a few inches over your head during your expedition in the caves.

Caves in Costa Rica for the Claustrophobic?

There are many places in the cave system that may seem in-humanly possible to explore, but your tour guide will ensure it is possible. Also, as you venture deeper into the caves, the water rises to chest level.

If you are exploring with a group, you will probably help each other along the journey. There are various steep, slippery ledges and small openings that you will shimmy through. You will crawl on your hands and knees in the dark through long and narrow passages.

Caves in Costa Rica are definitely not for the claustrophobics.




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