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Get Permanent Residency in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most desired places to live in the World.

There are thousands of people visiting the country every year. They fall in love with the beautiful tropical beaches, lush green rainforests and the diverse culture within the country. If you have ever visited Costa Rica, it should not be surprising why many people want to get permanent residency.

Where To Get Started

You must apply for temporary residency before you can get Permanent Residency in Costa Rica.

Temporary residency is available to qualified foreigners in multiple Costa Rica residency categories.  The most common categories applied for by applicants are Pensionado, Rentista, Investor, Spouse of Citizen, Work Permit and Company Representative.  Each residency category has a unique set of application requirements, migratory restrictions, and benefits.

Also, there are general residency requirements of Costa Rica that apply to all of the residency categories. 

If you would like assistance with obtaining temporary residency in Costa Rica, please fill out our Free Residency Assessment Form. This assessment will help determine the appropriate residency category for you.

Transition to Permanent Residency

Temporary residency lasts for one year.  You must continue to renew your temporary residency for a specific number of years, determined by your residency category. Once you have completed those required number of years, you can apply to get permanent residency in Costa Rica.

Click the following links to see the specific residency requirements for each permanent residency category:

General Permanent Residency in Costa Rica

Permanent Residency by Citizenship

Permanent Residency by Marriage


That’s it for this informational post. We are here to help you. So, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.




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