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How to Choose a Real Estate Agent in Costa Rica

Buying or selling a house, regardless of where you live, may be one of the most significant investments you will ever make. It’s essential to choose a good real estate agent in Costa Rica. The wrong agent can ruin the transaction.

Despite the high stakes, many buyers and sellers pay little attention to the real estate agent they choose. Online reviews can be helpful, but keep in mind that they don’t always convey the entire picture because most customers, whether happy or disappointed, don’t leave feedback. A track record of success speaks for itself.


The 7 Red Flags to look for When Choosing Your Real Estate Agent

1 – The agent suggests the highest price for your house.
At Gap Real Estate have the knowledge and experience to analyze your home and give you great advice on the value of your home. When a house is overpriced, it takes longer to sell and eventually sells for less. Buyers won’t even look at your house if it’s advertised at too high a price for the market since they know you’re not being realistic. The longer your home stays on the market, the more people will assume something is wrong with it!

2 – The agent does real estate on the side, part-time.
You want an agent who actively tracks the market every day, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. Gap Real Estate has been working in Costa Rica for almost 40 years. You’ll want an agent who can quickly respond to new listings and present them if you’re looking to buy. If you’re a seller, you want an agent who can show your house to potential buyers at any time.

3 – The agent is a relative.
As often happens in Costa Rica, unless your relative is a superstar, full-time agent specializing in your neighborhood, they are unlikely to do as good as another agent. That can breed resentment, as well as derail your transaction.

4 – The agent doesn’t know the real estate landscape in your neighborhood.
Finding a local specialist is particularly critical in locations where changing a block may increase or decrease a home’s value by $100,000 USD. As a result, Gap Real Estate exclusively focuses on a few locations.

5 – The agent doesn’t usually deal with your type of property.
If you’re looking to purchase or sell a condominium, avoid using an agent that only sells condominiums sometimes. Find an agent specializing in working with investors if you’re searching for an investment property. Gap Real Estate has diverse expertise, but you should make sure the agent you’re working with is knowledgeable about the sort of transaction you’re undertaking.

6 – The agent doesn’t usually work with buyers in your price range.
Some agents focus on all sorts of properties in a specific location. Gap Real estate is focused on houses that must be sold immediately. Price range is not really a factor except that it is priced to sell quickly.

7 – The agent is a poor negotiator or fails to keep up with details of the transaction.
In many circumstances, an agent’s most crucial task is to ensure that the transaction is completed rather than to find the house. Gap Real Estate has over 40 years of expertise and an excellent sales record, so you can be confident that your home will be sold quickly and at the right price.


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