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How to Make Money in Costa Rica

When it comes to earning a living, it is not just the money you make but how much you can keep that will determine how you live. In the United States and Canada, much of our income is eaten up by living expenses that prevent many people from achieving the lifestyle they want in life.

It’s little wonder why more people are considering moving to Costa Rica, a country that offers several advantages along with its stunning location as the place to live, work and retire.

Why Costa Rica is Becoming So Popular

Although many countries in Central America we hear about in the news have severe poverty, crime, and lack of opportunity, Costa Rica has taken a far different path. Costa Rica has no army and has lived in peace and harmony for decades. The extraordinary landscape that ranges from beautiful beaches to stunning mountain locations has built up the tourism industry, where many Costa Ricans enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The number of Americans who now call Costa Rica home is roughly 100,000 and growing daily. Because of the low cost of living combined with its modern conveniences, Costa Rica is a beautiful place to retire and to work as well.

How to Generate an Income in Costa Rica

There are several ways that people earn a good living in Costa Rica. Many people here work fewer hours because the cost of living expenses are far less and thus they can spend more time with their families.

Tourism: The tourism industry is huge in Costa Rica for a good reason. Its low start-up costs and many different opportunities have made it one of the best types of businesses to run in the country.

Online Work: Working online is very popular, and in Costa Rica, you can keep more of the money you make all while your laptop doubles as your office.

Teaching: Those who are bilingual earn considerable money as the population has a keen interest in learning English. Because of the ties created to North America, those who can teach English are highly sought after and can make a good living.

Investing: There are numerous investment opportunities in Costa Rica, arguably the best way to earn residency in this remarkable country.

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