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How to manage stress

How do you cope with the daily stresses of life, both physical and emotional?

Our lives are a balancing act, and as the balance shifts, so should we. It is the practice of self-care that allows us to overcome the massive obstacles that can be caused by stress.

Please note – there is good stress and there is bad stress; it is bad stress that requires us to practice self-care.

As a result of imbalance, we can experience anger, depression, anxiety, and many other areas of dysfunction.  The ability to cope well with stress when it arises can be a determining factor of our true quality of life.

Managing Stress

How do you manage your stress? We need tools for dealing with the everyday challenges created by an ever-growing complex society. You can manage stress with regular exercise, restful sleep, a balanced diet, quality social time with family/friends, spending time in nature, therapy, meditation, and more.

Don’t Wait

Start taking time for yourself and keeping a balance between your mind and body; learn how to do this before inevitable crises arise. The more balanced you are, the easier it is to deal with stressful situations.

Put Yourself First

Take care of yourself first before you try to help others. If you are responsible for others, manage your time and give time to yourself before aiding others and do it without guilt. The only way to be a good service to others, with a positive attitude and energy, is for you to be fully rested and recharged. If you don’t do this, you may push yourself to exhaustion, build resentment, and eventually become ill.

Practice Self Care

Take your self-care seriously as a priority. Prioritize your daily life so that you are grounded, nourished, and able to cope with stress. Put yourself first!





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