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Immigration Postpones Overstay Fines For 12 Months

Immigration Postpones Overstay Fines for 12 Months

At the 11th hour, the night before they were to take effect, Costa Rica Immigration has announced that they will postpone the application and collection of fines for those who overstay their allowed time in the country.

The main issue is that the fines were to apply to Temporary Residents and holders of Special Category visas if they leave the country after the expiry of their status. This was considered unfair, and the 12 months will give time for the law to be reformed so that the overstay fines apply only to tourists who overstay the time given upon entry in Costa Rica.

So if you have overstayed your tourist visa, and you’ve missed the chance to get your tourist visa renewed prior to applying to residency, you’ll have time to get your status in order and apply for Costa Rican residency. Remember that all residency applications must be submitted when you are legally in the country!

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