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Investment in Real Estate for Residency in Costa Rica

Free Online AssessmentDid you know that investing in real estate in Costa Rica can get you residency?

Are you about to retire, or are you seeking new experiences in a country open to new ideas? Costa Rica offers many advantages that you will want to explore. According to the U.S. State Department, over 50,000 U.S. citizens reside in this beautiful nation.

Obtaining Costa Rican residency offers many advantages to make the most of living in this beautiful country.

Investment in Real Estate for Residency

Temporary Residence – Investor:

• Investment of US$200,000 in a business or property.
• Must remain in the country at least 1 day per year.
• Can claim spouse and dependents under 25 years of age.
• Income allowed from the investment (such as rental income).
• Can own a company and receive dividends.

Investment can be made in any business, including manufacturing, transportation, hospitality (hotels, B&B, bar, restaurant), tourism, and real estate. There is even a category for qualified reforestation projects, where the required amount of investment is reduced to $100,000.

However, for this article, we will discuss the real estate investment option.

Investor in Real Estate Requirements

To become a legal resident of Costa Rica under the investor category, you will need to invest at least $200,000 in Costa Rica according to the current exchange rate. Many Americans who live in Costa Rica split their time between living in the U.S. and Costa Rica.

How to Obtain Recognition for Real Estate

The requirement of a $200,000 investment will be based on the actual value as listed on the transfer of the property itself and the municipal records for the property. So, for example, if you paid $300,000 for the property, but the transfer document shows that it is worth $190,000, you will be $10,000 short. So, before you finalize the purchase, be sure that the transfer reflects the actual value, which needs to be over $200,000.

Check out the list of requirements common to most forms of residency applications in Costa Rica. At Costa Rica Immigration Experts, we’d be happy to help you file the first time correctly and enjoy your residency as quickly as possible.

Costa Rica Immigration Experts has the knowledge, expertise, and insight needed to help you get established in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.


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