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Winter in Costa Rica

How is Winter in Costa Rica? The question asked by many people.

When you think of winter, what is the first image that comes to your mind? Maybe cold snow, sipping hot chocolate by the fire, and maybe even a blizzard!

Fortunately, Costa Rica does not have typical winters, and that is a big draw for many tourists during the “winter months”.

December Weather in Costa Rica

First, Costa has two seasons, and those are “Green” and “Dry”. The months of April through December are considered the green season (rainy). And, between December through April, we have the dry season. The wet season is when we get most of the rain that keeps Costa Rica green and lush. The dry season is considered a typical summer, starting in December.

The weather in December is an indicator of seasonal change. The rain tapers off, and the beaches in the Pacific are mostly sunny during the month. Occasionally, the rain continues sporadically throughout the month until January. The Atlantic side of the country, the Caribbean side, can continue to see rain during the entire month, but it is never definite.

Why do tourists love Costa Rica in December?

It’s like being in “Paradise”. The beaches and the Central Valley experience great sunshine between the seventies to mid-eighties, and the low temperatures are between the sixties and mid-seventies. If you compare that to a typical winter in other parts of the world, like Canada and some parts of Europe, you should see why people enjoy vacationing in Costa Rica during their winter.

Planning Ahead & Reservations

If you are considering a trip to Costa Rica during the winter months, plan ahead and make your reservations early. Costa Rica is an attractive vacation destination for thousands of foreigners between December and April. Trust us on that!

The lodging and hotel accommodations are usually 80 – 90% booked by the end of September. December is the heart of the high season for international travelers seeking fun in the sun.  Also, most Ticos are on holiday.


Winter in Costa Rica is perfect for your next vacation!

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