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Overstayed tourist visa late fees in Costa Rica

We have some urgent news to share regarding overstayed tourist visa late fees in Costa Rica…

Starting April 21st, 2020, Costa Rica Immigration (La Migración) will start charging fines for people trying to leave the country with an:

– Expired DIMEX with Temporary Residency/Special Categories* (we can help!)
– Overstayed Tourist Visas**

Those fines will need to be paid at the time of attempting to leave the country.

Who is Exempt?

Those exempt from the fines are on the following list (supplied by La Migración):

  • Minors
  • Refugees, asylum seekers, and stateless persons.
  • Persons of legal age with disabilities.
  • Cross-border workers.
  • Tourists stay up to date.
  • Permanent Residents EVEN who have the DIMEX expired.
  • To those who have extended or renewed their permanent residence
  • To those who have made a change of immigration category.
  • Those who have been denied on their residency application but at the time of their departure have not been notified.
  • Those who have been denied residency were notified, but have filed an appeal.

How much are the fines? (per La Migración)

As indicated in article 33, paragraph 3, a fine of USD $100 is applied for each expired month that the person remained in the country irregularly.

The sum of the fine is retroactive from March 1, 2010, the date on which the General Migration and Foreigners Law No. 8764 entered into force.

How can you pay the fines?

If you have to pay the fines, they can be paid via the following methods:

Via (Bank of Costa Rica) at any of the agencies of the Bank of Costa Rica throughout the country in the following accounts in the name of the Ministry of Finance:

Account in Colones80051-1
SINPE account number15201001008005117
Account in Dollars80054-6
SINPE account number15201001008005465


The receipt must state your name just as it appears on your passport or the DIMEX. The payment receipt will be asked for at the time of departing the country. If you fail to show the payment receipt, you may experience a delay trying to exit the country, and possibly receive an entry ban trying to re-enter Costa Rica.

Fines may also be paid at BCR “Puntos Tucán.” Tucán is BCR’s new Financial Correspondent. It is a tool available in affiliated businesses for easy and prompt transactions.


Note: It has been stated that you may be able to pay fines at The Juan Santamaria or Daniel Oduber Quirós Airports, but this has not been confirmed.

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