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Practice Yoga in Costa Rica

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an old discipline originating from India. It is a discipline that involves growing emotionally, physically and spiritually. It incorporates breathing techniques, exercise, and meditation and it helps to improve health and personal happiness.

Yoga is typically practiced in an environment that is open and has peaceful vibes. You can practice yoga almost anywhere, even in the comfort of your chair while working (yes, it’s possible!). Have you considered practicing Yoga in Costa Rica? Many people do just that.

Costa Rica is perfect for Yoga

Costa Rica is a beautiful country, it is rich in biodiversity and a top destination for yoga enthusiasts.

There are many Yoga retreats in the country that allow you to practice yoga in an amazingly tranquil setting. You can practice in oceanfront villas, luxury boutique retreat centers in the jungle and in many wellness and education centers located within the country.

Locations for Yoga

There are many eco-friendly destinations located in the Northern Peninsula, along the Southern Coast, and in the Caribbean. In places, such as (Osa Peninsula, Nosara, Tamarindo, Puerto Viejo and more…).

Most specialized retreats come complete with accommodations for (travel, sleeping, and meals).  And, it is very common that all meals are organic and come from the farm to the table.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats offer education, a place to practice and some needed pampering. There are workshops that offer teachings in permaculture, sustainable building, herbal medicine, and yoga teacher training. Many retreats have a teaching philosophy that emphasizes living an environmentally and health conscious existence in harmony with one another.

In regards to pampering, there are retreats that offer meditation centers, a juice bar, an open-air restaurant, a spa, and an outdoor jacuzzi. How does that sound to you?

There are also secure retreats surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife, including howler monkeys, tropical birds, iguanas, and butterflies. These beautiful open-air spaces are perfect for wildlife. You may see some monkeys practicing yoga with you!

Costa Rica is waiting for you.

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