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Private Lending Referrals in Costa Rica

A Costa Rica Private Lending advisors, Gap Equity Loans, wants your referrals!

Do you know someone that needs a Mortgage loan?

Do you have family, friends, or acquaintances that need money to renovate their home, refinance their home, expand a business, for land development, or even medical expenses?

Have them contact the leading  Costa Rica Private Lending, Gap Equity Loans.

Gap Equity Loans helps people borrow money for their needs using their homes as collateral, and they love referrals and are willing to put some money in your pocket for sending them referrals.

If you know/find someone in need of a loan, have them contact Gap Equity Loans and mention it was a referral. They will be contacted shortly afterward; it’s as simple as that.

You can also contribute to Private Lending Referrals by advising people to visit our website and fill out our loan application. On the application, there is a line asking, “how did you hear about us?”. That is where your name goes, so we know it is a referral.

Fill out the form below to determine your residency category. Or click here!

  • First Step
  • Final Step

Select all options that apply to you

Pensionado (Pension/Disability) Category

Rentista (Fixed Income) Category

Inversionista (Investor) Category

Family ties with a Costa Rican Resident/Citizen Category

My residency company let me down

Personal Information

Full Name

Your Email

Country Of Birth

Country of Residence

How many people under your application (spouse, children under 25)

Phone Number with Country Code (optional)

Looking for a Loan? – Click HERE.
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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. I need your best email address.
    I want to send you my loan request

    And I want to know what is your interest
    Rate and the amount of the monthly payment
    For a loan of $15,000. TO $20,000 dollars.
    And what Are your requirements/? I speak
    English and Some Spanish.

    1. Hi George,
      Thank you for getting in touch with us! To submit a loan request please use the loan request form at Gap Equity Loans. While $15-20,000 is lower than what our lenders will typically accept for a loan, it may be considered if the property is located in the Central Valley and the Loan-to-Value is low (for example, if the property is worth $100,000 or more).

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