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If you would like to obtain residency in Costa Rica based on financial resources you commit to bringing to Costa Rica, then the Fixed Income category (Rentista) is for you. In general, the concept is that you show that you will be a productive member of society by making a financial commitment. 

How does it work? First, you need to open a local bank account in CR with $60,000 US (we help you with this process). Then, every month $2,500 US out of this $60,000 US will be available for you to withdraw. It’s your option – to withdraw it and spend it or keep it available for when you repeat the process after two years. But remember – you will need to prove that you have $60,000 US AGAIN after two years. If you don’t use this $2,500 US as your primary source of income every month, you will have the same $60,000 US at the end of the 2 years term to use again. In fact, this is the best and the easiest way to obtain Rentista (Residency for Fixed Income).

You also have another option – prove that you have a minimum passive income (not from a salary) of  $2,500 US? If this is the case, you may also qualify for residency in Costa Rica as a Rentista (Fixed Income).

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• Requires proof of deposit of $60,000 US in an approved bank, with $2,500 US withdrawn every month.  This requirement needs to be met during application AND every subsequent renewal (every two years) until you apply for Permanent Residence. OR proof of $2,500 US per month passive income (cannot be employment income), verifiable, stable, permanent income such as bank interest, annuity, public company dividends for at least two years.
• Cannot work as an employee;
• Must be in Costa Rica at least one day per year.


• Temporary Residency – valid for two years, renewable;
• Can apply for permanent residency without conditions after three years;

• Can claim spouse and dependents under 18 years of age;
• Can own a company and receive dividends.


1. Proof of fixed income according to Immigration’s specific requirements;
2. Criminal Background Check;
3. Birth Certificate;
4. Marriage Certificate (if applicable);
5. Application Form and Cover Letter (we will complete this for you);
6. Fingerprints (we can assist you with this);
7. Certified Copy of the passport (we will do it for you);
8. Consular Registration (we will do it for you);
9. Eight passport size photographs.


– All the documents should be apostilled in your country of origin (if your home country is not part of the Apostille Convention, the documents should be authenticated or legalized in the Embassy of Costa Rica in your country of origin).

$1500 – Primary Applicant (PR)
$ 800 – Spouse (SP)
$ 500 – Per Child (CH)


Payable in 2 installments (pay in full and ask for a discount)


$750(PR), $400(SP), $250(CH)
To prepare residency application and open residency case file


$750(PR), $400(SP), $250(CH)

To complete and submit residency case file to Immigration



Apart from our service fees, please keep in mind that there will be Government Fees and expenses (such as translations into Spanish, Change of Status fee, Application fee, Local Fingerprints Appointment fee, ID card – DIMEX, Guarantee Deposit, Caja Registration).
For the details, click HERE

*Taxes are not included in the price
*All prices subject to change without notice


To point out, you have 90 days to submit all required documents to Immigration (DGME) once an application case file is opened. Let’s say a residency applicant has difficulties obtaining documents within the allotted 90-day period, and we can help. In this case, CRIE can request an extension of time to submit the documents (at the cost of $100.00 US, per time extension request).


If we need to submit a time extension request on your behalf, you must pay for it promptly or risk having your case file thrown out by Immigration (DGME).

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