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Do you (or your spouse) have a life-long pension of a minimum of US $1,000 per month? If so, you may qualify for residency in Costa Rica under the residency category, Pensionado.

Residency Specifications

• Proof of US $1000 per month income from permanent pension source or retirement fund.
• Temporary Residency – valid for 2 years, renewable.
• Can apply for permanent residency without conditions after 3 years.

• Must be in Costa Rica at least 1 day per year.
• Can claim spouse and dependents under 18 years of age.
• Cannot work as an employee.
• Can own a company and receive dividends.

Document Requirements

The following documents are required for submitting the application for temporary residence as a retired person:

  1. Proof of Pension.
  2. Criminal Background Check.
  3. Birth Certificate.
  4. Application Form (CRIE will complete this for you)
  5. Application Cover Letter (CRIE will complete this for you)
  6. Fingerprints (Obtained from a Local Police Station in Costa Rica, CRIE will assist you with this)
  7. Certified Copy of the passport (CRIE will complete this for you)
  8. Consular Registration (CRIE will assist you to complete)
  9. Six passport size photographs
Two Installment Plan - $1800
Ask us about discounts for paying in full in advance!
  • Once application is submitted and a case number is provided
  • Includes:
  • Application status tracking
  • Constant in-person follow-ups at immigration offices
  • Responding to feedback from immigration
  • Facilitating the issuance of your first residency card (DIMEX)
  • Additional $500 per dependent (Spouse, Child)
  1. CRIE includes the Application Fee ($50) and the Change of Status Fee ($200), as well as the required legal stamps, deposited to immigration on your behalf.
  2. Translations to Spanish of 1 birth certificate, 1 typical “clean sheet” police record (apostille page, 1 result page), 1 consular registration, and 1 passport are included.
  3. Certified copies of standard passport and application documents are included.

Pricing does NOT include:

  • Obtaining legalized or apostilled documents from your home country, such as birth certificates, police records, or marriage certificates (CRIE can assist you with this for an additional fee).
  • CCSS Registration upon approval of your residency (CRIE can assist you with this for an additional fee).
  • Guarantee Deposit upon approval — depending on your country of origin (examples: USA $361, Canada $483, Spain $1,061, United Kingdom $1,301).
  • The cost of your first residency card (DIMEX) — typically $123 for this residency category.
  • Getting your Costa Rican Driver’s License.
  • The cost of additional page translations for a (criminal background check)  is c20,000.
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