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Is your residency about to expire and you need help getting it renewed? Contact us now, we can help!

Once your Costa Rican residency is issued, it will be good for a limited time before it needs to be renewed.

This is typically one year in the case of work permits and spousal residency, two years for pensionados and rentistas, and two to five years for permanent residency.

For all renewals the following is required:

  • Your resident card (DIMEX)
  • Your current passport
  • Proof of continued affiliation with the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) –  The most current CAJA statement.
  • Proof of Social Security Benefits Letter (If residency is under Pensionado category).
  • Recent Criminal Background Check (If you left Costa Rica 6 months before your renewal/expire date)
  • Receipt of payment to Govt. for renewal of DIMEX card (typically $123 or $98 depending on renewal term & residency category) * If your residency is already expired, additional fees will be applied.

Temporary residencies and work permits will have additional requirements, typically to show that you still qualify for that residency category.

Pricing does NOT include:

  • Obtaining legalized or apostilled documents from your home country (CRIE can assist you with this for an additional fee).
  • Getting your CCSS Status up to date (CRIE can assist you with this for an additional fee).
  • Getting documents from your country of origin to prove continued eligibility for the residency category (when applicable).
  • The cost of your renewal residency card (DIMEX) — typically $98-123 depending on the residency category.
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