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Good News Seniors

Seniors are Exempt from Citizenship Test!

Many of our clients don’t consider becoming Costa Rican citizens because they are unwilling to go through the citizenship test, especially our more senior clients.

But did you know that applicants aged 65 and over are exempt from the citizenship tests?

Yes, it’s true! As of 2016, the Supreme Elections Tribunal (TSE) reformed the naturalization regulations to include 2 key exemptions:

  • When the applicant is aged 65 and over; or
  • When the applicant has a clear, permanent health or cognitive impediment that would make them unable to complete the tests.

For reference, please refer to the current regulations: Reglamento Relativo a Los Trámites, Requisitos y Criterios de Resolución en Materia de Naturalizaciones (in Spanish). The exemptions are covered in articles 116 and 117.

Why should you consider Costa Rican citizenship? Please see our article Benefits of Citizenship for details on the benefits, the process, and answers to questions we get often.

Find out more about our naturalization services, and fill out our FREE assessment to get in touch with CRIE! Be sure to choose “Citizenship / Naturalization” as the category.

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