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Where to Retire in Costa Rica Caribbean Coast

So, you are thinking where to retire in Costa Rica Caribbean Coast side? Awesome!

Here’s a short reminder on the region’s geography if you haven’t already done so. The Caribbean coast stretches from Nicaragua’s northern border to Panama’s northern border in the south.

The shoreline stretches over 150 kilometres. Between the beaches of Cahuita and Manzanillo, 18 kilometers of land is made up of a handful of stunning beaches and coastal communities. San José, Costa Rica’s capital, is around 4 hours distant from the Caribbean coast (approximately 250 kilometers). The route from the capital will take you via the world-famous Braulio Carrillo National Park, down into the costa plains, and through several “Tico” restaurants.

It appeals to both young and old people who like breathtakingly gorgeous tropical environments (lush green forests, coconut trees, monkeys, surfing and more..) Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast is recognized for its colorful Afro-Caribbean culture and “laid-back lifestyle.”

There is a large and thriving expat colony from Europe and The United States.

Here is a quick summary of the 2 famous beaches where to retire in the Costa Rica Caribbean Coast:


This gorgeous beach is located 25 kilometers south of Limón. In and around Cahuita, many foreigners own and run hotels.

There’s also a Cahuita National Park just near to the beach. A strip of rainforest that stretches down the bay and covers the point immediately to the south is included in the park. Sloths, white-faced capuchin monkeys, and a variety of birds and insects live in the park. It also contains a marine park to conserve the coral along the beach as well as the more than 500 indigenous reef fish species.

The endangered leatherback turtle lays her eggs in the park.

Puerto Viejo

12 miles south of Cahuita is Puerto Viejo. It’s a little town with a very Jamaican-like vibe about it. It’s ideal for folks who enjoy sports like snorkeling and surfing in the Caribbean.

Many people are relocating to the Caribbean and buying land to build their homes, cabins or businesses.

Others are purchasing pre-built homes as a result of the increased demand among “Baby Boomers” searching for a wonderful spot to retire. In addition, the vast majority of house purchasers are couples, families, and young adults seeking a less stressful lifestyle than is available in other regions of the country.




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