Exploring Costa Rica’s Rentista (Fixed Income) Residency Program

Are you dreaming of making Costa Rica your new home? If you have the financial means and a desire to contribute to society, the Rentista category (Fixed Income) residency program might be the perfect fit. This article will delve deeper into the program, explaining how it works, its benefits, and the requirements for residency under this category.



Understanding the Rentista (Fixed Income) Program

The Rentista program is designed for individuals who wish to establish residency in Costa Rica by demonstrating their financial commitment to the country. The concept is simple: you prove you will be a productive member of society by making a substantial financial investment. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the program works:

  1. Opening a Bank Account: To qualify, applicants must provide a document issued by a banking institution, either in Costa Rica or their country of origin, confirming that they will receive a monthly income of at least US$2,500. This income should be sustained for a minimum of two years and must be reliable, consistent, and permanent.
  2. Monthly Withdrawals: Once your bank account is set up, you have to withdraw $2,500 USD every month from the $60,000 USD deposit.
  3. Financial Proof for Renewal: After the initial two-year period, you must demonstrate that you still have $60,000 USD available in your bank account. If you have not relied on the monthly withdrawals as your primary source of income, the total amount will remain intact, allowing you to continue the process for another two years.

Following this straightforward approach, you can obtain Rentista (Fixed Income) residency status in Costa Rica, ensuring a secure and stable lifestyle in this beautiful country.



Benefits of Rentista Residency in Costa Rica

Acquiring residency under the Rentista (Fixed Income) program opens the door to many benefits. Let’s explore some of the advantages that come with this residency status:

  1. Access to Quality Healthcare: Costa Rica is renowned for its excellent healthcare system. As a Rentista resident, you can enjoy access to top-notch medical facilities and services, ensuring your well-being and peace of mind.
  2. Education Opportunities: If you have children or dependents under the age of 24, they can accompany you under your Rentista residency. They can enroll in Costa Rica’s high-quality educational institutions, providing a bright future and a world-class education.
  3. Business Ownership: As a Rentista resident, you can establish and own a company in Costa Rica. This allows you to explore entrepreneurial opportunities, generate income, and contribute to the country’s economic growth.
  4. Pathway to Permanent Residency: After three years of holding Rentista residency, you can apply for permanent residency without additional conditions. This offers long-term stability and opens up further opportunities in Costa Rica.



Requirements for Rentista (Fixed Income) Residency

To be eligible for Rentista residency in Costa Rica, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Proof of Deposit:  To qualify, applicants must provide a document issued by a banking institution, either in Costa Rica or their country of origin, confirming that they will receive a monthly income of at least US$2,500. This income should be sustained for a minimum of two years and must be reliable, consistent, and permanent.
  2. Employment Restrictions: Rentista residents are prohibited from working as employees in Costa Rica. However, they can still own a business and receive dividends from it.
  3. Minimum Presence in Costa Rica: To maintain your Rentista residency, you must spend at least one day per year within the territory of Costa Rica. This minimal presence ensures the continuity of your residency status.



Documents Required for Rentista (Fixed Income) Residency

To complete your Rentista residency application, you will need to gather the following documents:

  1. Proof of Fixed Income: Prepare documentation demonstrating your fixed income, adhering to the requirements set by the Immigration authorities.
  2. Criminal Background Check: Obtain a clear criminal background check for your residency application. This ensures the safety and security of the Costa Rican community.
  3. Birth Certificate: Include your original birth certificate in the application package. This verifies your identity and is a vital component of the process.
  4. Marriage Certificate (if applicable): If you are married, provide a copy of your marriage certificate as supporting documentation.
  5. Application Form and Cover Letter: Our team of experts will assist you in completing the application form and crafting a compelling cover letter highlighting your unique circumstances.
  6. Fingerprints: We are here to guide you through obtaining your fingerprints, an essential requirement for your residency application.
  7. Consular Registration: Our team will handle the consular registration on your behalf, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.
  8. Passport-Size Photographs: Prepare eight passport-size photographs to accompany your application.

Please note that all documents should be apostilled in your country of origin. In cases where your home country is not part of the Apostille Convention, the documents should be authenticated or legalized at the Embassy of Costa Rica in your country of origin.




The Rentista (Fixed Income) residency program in Costa Rica offers a fantastic opportunity for individuals who wish to establish residency based on their financial resources. You can embark on a fulfilling and secure life in this beautiful country by fulfilling the program’s requirements, providing the necessary documentation, and following the application process. Our team of experts is ready to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a successful and hassle-free residency application process. Start your Costa Rican adventure today and embrace the benefits of Rentista residency.

-Written by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIEand Grupo Gap).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I need for the Rentista category?

To qualify, applicants must provide a document issued by a banking institution in Costa Rica or their country of origin confirming that they will receive a monthly income of at least US$2,500. This income should be sustained for at least two years and must be reliable, consistent, and permanent.

What are the residency categories in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica offers several residency categories, including Rentista (Fixed Income), Pensionado (Pensioner), Inversionista (Investor), Empleado (Employee), etc.

How do I establish residency in Costa Rica?

To establish residency in Costa Rica, you must meet the specific requirements of the chosen residency category, which may involve financial commitments, documentation, and application processes. Working with an experienced immigration professional can help streamline the process.

How do I get a Rentista visa in Costa Rica?

To obtain a Rentista visa in Costa Rica, you must demonstrate a financial commitment by depositing a specified amount in a local bank and withdrawing a monthly income. The exact requirements and application process may vary, and professional assistance can be valuable in navigating the complexities.

Can you buy residency in Costa Rica?

Residency in Costa Rica cannot be directly purchased. However, specific residency categories, such as the Inversionista (Investor) category, require a particular investment in the country’s economy to qualify for residency.

How long does it take to get Costa Rican residency?

The timeframe to obtain Costa Rican residency varies depending on factors such as the chosen residency category, completeness of documentation, and processing times. The process can take several months to a year or more.

How long can I stay in Costa Rica without residency?

As a tourist, you can stay in Costa Rica for up to 90 days without residency. If you wish to stay longer, you must apply for an extension or obtain the appropriate residency status.

Can you buy property in Costa Rica without being a resident?

Yes, you can buy property in Costa Rica without being a resident. Foreigners have the same property rights as Costa Rican citizens, allowing them to purchase, own, and sell real estate.

What is the difference between resident and nonresident?

A resident is an individual who has established legal residency in a specific country, while a nonresident refers to someone who does not have legal residency in that country.


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