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My experience with Johanna Alvarez and your firm is one that I will cherish forever.

The first contact with Johanna was around 2014, with reconnect in 2017. My husband is Costa Rican and I am from the U.S. Our plans to move to Costa Rica were postponed until finally we were able to conclude the plans to really make the journey in 2020 and Johanna was once more contacted. This background is to tell the way that Johanna, through all of the years, was always there to advise and guide; never being too busy to respond. Covid came and again Johanna was available at every step of our process to navigate the virus effects on the immigration process. We were finally able to come to Costa Rica in December 2020, meet with Johanna and start my residency application. She has walked every step of this process with us and my application was approved in May. Your firm as represented by Johanna has been amazing and I will always be grateful that she was the person we chose for this process. Also, I am looking forward to working with her for the renewal and citizenship.



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