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Paul K

I wanted to thank the staff at CR Immigration Experts and especially Johanna. Costa Rica is an enchanting country and my family, my friends and I have visited many times. As my retirement approaches I knew that I wanted an adventure and to live in another country. I needed a country that has a different culture from the United States but is not so different that I would feel lost. Costa Rica is perfect for me. The country is fascinating and beautiful. I am so excited to live and learn in Costa Rica during this next chapter of my life.

I started the process of applying for residency as a “pensionado” before the onset of COVID in January 2020. I had read so much about the residency process. I knew that I did not have the language capacity or the time to manage this process by myself. There are so many details that Johanna and her team handled with ease. When appointments were made Johanna or one of the other staff were always with me. I was supported throughout the process. Literally as soon as the country reopened their borders I had an appointment to finalize the process. On November 27, 2020 I completed the process and now I am an official resident. I look forward to returning to Costa Rica after the holidays to pick up my DIMEX (resident card) at the post office in the town where I have a home. Retirement is at the end of the summer and I look forward to spending the next holiday season in my new home in Costa Rica.

I cannot recommend CRIE enough. They are professional, confident and work the system with ease. Special thanks to Johanna and her team. I look forward to learning a new culture and improving my Spanish skills.



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