Work Permit

work permit

Obtaining a Costa Rica Work permit is not as simple as appearing in other countries. The process is technically easy, though: “Find an employer, then get a work permit, and finally get your work visa,” it isn’t that simple. Obtaining a work permit in Costa Rica is almost impossible. The reason is the high level of restrictions the government has put in place to ensure that foreigners do not take the jobs Costa Rica citizens can have. Furthermore, while Costa Rica provides temporary residency permits to foreigners who wish to stay longer than three months, this does not automatically allow you to work.  Also, only Costa Rican citizens or Permanent Residents can work in the country without previous authorization. If you need more information about getting jobs in Costa Rica, please click HERE

Costa Rican Work Permit includes:

  • Artists, Athletes, and Entertainers;
  • Domestic Worker;
  • Specific Unique Occupation;
  • Preventive Maintenance Services and Corrective Post Sales Management;
  • Specific Occupation with a Company (legal entity);
  • Temporary workers;
  • Professional and Technical Guests;
  • Transferee Staff;
  • Tran frontier workers;
  • Self-employed individuals in the agriculture, construction, and services sectors;
  • Well-established company self-employed individuals.

Requirements for Employee:

  • Signed letter from intended employer, acting as guarantor;
  • Authenticated job offer or contract indicating functions, hours, and salary, signed by an employer;
  • Proof of employer’s economic solvency (such as income certification by a Certified Public Accountant);
  • Must remain in Costa Rica at least 1 day per year;
  • Cannot claim spouse and dependents.

Requirements for Employer:

• Company documents;
• Business license from the corresponding municipality;
• Business sanitation permit from the Ministry of Health;
• Income certification by Certified Public Accountant;
• Proof of payment/registration of company income taxes;
Caja (CCSS) registration of the company;
• Must remain in Costa Rica at least 1 day per year;
Cannot claim spouse and dependents.


  1. The documents meeting the requirements of the chosen category (employee or employer);
  2. Criminal Background Check;
  3. Birth Certificate;
  4. Application Form and Cover Letter (CRIE will complete this for you);
  5. Fingerprints (CRIE will assist you with this);
  6. Consular Registration (we help you with it);
  7. Eight passport-size photographs (completed when you visit our office).

* – All the documents should be apostilled in your country of origin (if your home country is not part of the Apostille Convention, the documents should be authenticated or legalized in the Embassy of Costa Rica in your country of origin..

Fees & Expenses


$1500 (primary applicant),   

$1150 (spouse),   

$850 (child)


*– Prices are for CRIE services only. The Government fees and other expenses associated with your residency are not included.


Apart from our service fees, please keep in mind that there will be Government Fees and some additional expenses (such as translations into Spanish, Immigration Appointment, Local Fingerprints Appointment, ID card – DIMEX, Guarantee Deposit (refundable), and Caja Registration).

For the details, click HERE

*Taxes are not included in the price
*All prices are subject to change without notice


You have 90 days to submit all required documents to Immigration (DGME) once an application case file is opened. Let’s say a residency applicant has difficulties obtaining documents within the allotted 90-day period, and we can help. In this case, CRIE can request 1 extension of time to submit the documents (at the cost of $100 USD per time extension request).


If we need to submit a time extension request on your behalf, you must pay for it promptly or risk having your case file thrown out by Immigration (DGME).


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