Costa Rica’s Immigration ministry offers an online system to verify and check the status of your immigration file.

Click here to check your immigration status online and for instructions and an English translation.

The status check system is Spanish only, so here are some translations for your convenience:



Do NOT include the “–” in the number. For example, if your number is 135-417573, change to 135417573.


Here is an explanation of the potential results:


Your file has been opened and awaiting resolution. What do I do? Please wait until the file runs its course.


A “previo” means that a document is missing to complete the file. What do I do? Contact CRIE so that we can present the requested documentation.


The resolution of your file is awaiting signature. What do I do? Wait 15 working days to check the status of your application.


Your immigration file has a resolution, and you have been notified. What do I do? Check with CRIE to ensure the resolution has been received, and we will help you with the required steps to secure the resident card.


This indicates that the applicant has received his or her resident card (DIMEX). If you’ve applied for a change of category and already have your resident card, it’s possible that the status check will show this result until it reverts to “Resolucion Firmas.” What do I do? Please continue to check the status periodically. Note that you should apply for a change of category with enough leeway time to avoid the expiration of your current resident card.

Is your residency taking too long?

We can do a full investigation on your behalf with the Costa Rica Immigration Department (DGME) and report to you with the details we find about anything slowing down your process and give you options to fix the problem.


-Written by Glenn Tellier (Founder of CRIE and Grupo Gap).

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Fill out the form below to determine your residency category. Or click here!

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